When it comes to drinking, it’s sometimes much harder for an individual to admit they have a problem then someone who is addicted to drugs. Every day people in the United States are subjected to countless advertisements showing beer and other alcoholic beverages. Whether you’re passing a billboard showing a new spirit that is being released or see a commercial for beer during a football game, it is almost impossible to avoid being influenced by these ads.

It does not help that many gatherings such as work happy hours, weddings, parties, tailgates, and other events often provide pressure on people to engage in drinking sometimes to excess. With so many ads as well as social pressures to drink, it shouldn’t come as any surprise that there is an estimated 17 million Americans suffering from alcoholism. With such a high number of people under the control of an addiction to alcohol, it should come as no real shock that alcohol is the most commonly used drug in the United States. Many people might know a family member, friend, or associate who is currently combating alcohol dependency.

Many people are not ready to admit that their drinking has gotten out of control. It isn’t usually until someone suffers at work, school, or damages relationships with family and friends that they might begin to think that they have a problem. However, if you feel that you or someone that you care about is suffering from a drinking problem, there are some signs to keep an eye out for which include:

  • Someone might have trouble quitting drinking, or losing control over how much he or she drinks.
  • A person could develop withdrawal symptoms when they try to stop drinking, which could include feeling nauseous, shaking, sweating, and anxiety.
  • A person keeps drinking no matter how it may be negatively affecting their relationships with family and friends.
  • A person can’t stop drinking, even if it is causing serious damage to his or herself.

If you know anyone who is experiencing any of these symptoms you should encourage them to speak with a medical professional as soon as possible to discuss the different treatment opportunities that are available. There are many alcoholism treatment programs available to assist those suffering from alcohol dependency. Numerous alcoholism treatment programs offer alternative forms of treatment that differ from the traditional 12 step programs that any people are accustomed to thinking about when it comes to rehab.  

Alcohol addiction treatment centers are starting to implement alternative styles of treatment which are geared towards healing the patient as a whole, which requires more than just treating the addiction itself. Many of these alternative forms of therapy involve treating a patient’s body, mind, and spirit.

Alcohol rehab centers are best for those with a severe alcohol addiction since they provide supervised detox treatment services. If not done under the care of medical professionals at an alcohol rehab center, detoxing from alcohol and not only be extremely uncomfortable but also potentially fatal.

Aside from just assisting with the detox process medical professionals at alcohol rehab treatment centers assist patients by offering holistic approaches to recovery such as garden therapy, amino acid therapy, gong sound therapy, and guided meditation. All of these treatments are made available in what is made to resemble a luxurious vacation style environment equipped with different activities and top-notch accommodations. Not only does the staff at these facilities take extreme pride in their services they offer, they also work hard to maintain a patiently level of privacy, so they will feel comfortable enough so that can focus solely on their recovery and make progress towards a life of sobriety.