The teenage years can be the toughest time for many people. It is during this time that many people begin to transform themselves into the people that they are going to become. There are many influences that can effect our actions during our teenage years such as parents, teachers, and peers.

These years can be challenging for some young adults since they are easily impressionable and can be influenced without much difficulty. Because they can easily be persuaded, by peers in an effort to appear “cool” many teens might begin to experiment with drugs or alcohol, especially if they want to be accepted.

Teenagers who experiment with drugs and alcohol at an early age have an increased risk of developing an addiction or dependency on these substances later on in life. If you suspect your teen is using drugs or alcohol, it is extremely important that you seek services at a drug and alcohol rehab as soon as possible.

Many parents might not be aware that their teen is experimenting with drugs. Because teens usually want to develop their own sense of independence they might not communicate all of their activities with their parents. Here are some signs to look for if you suspect that your teenager is using drugs or alcohol:

  • Odd or different smells in the house
    • Some substances such as marijuana and alcohol have distinct smells. If you smell marijuana on your teen’s clothing or alcohol on his or her breath, you should talk to them and ask what they have been doing in their spare time. Sometimes you might notice your child using excessive cologne or perfume; while this could be normal, they might try to be covering the smell of the substances listed earlier.
  • Finding drug paraphernalia
    • If you discover items such as rolling papers, pipes, syringes, or burnt spoons among your teen’s possessions, this could be a sign that they are using drugs.
  • Decrease in school performance
    • There are other factors that could lead to a decrease in school performance, however, it is a common sign of possible drug use.
  • Glazed eyes
    • Many drugs, as well as alcohol, tends to leave users with either glazed or bloodshot eyes.
  • Changing or abandoning friends
    • Sometimes friends have falling outs, however, if you noticed your teen is hanging around other kids who have known to be using drugs or alcohol this could be a sign that your teenager is also using them.
  • Missing money
    • It’s easy to dismiss money you thought you had n your wallet or purse. Maybe you dropped it, or you miscounted how much you had. However, if this becomes a pattern it could be your teen using it to fund an addiction.

You should look into the different drug and alcohol rehabs available if you feel as though your teenager could be experiencing some of the behaviors listed above. Drug and alcohol treatment centers such as Ranch Creek Recovery offer holistic treatment programs which will help your teen not only cope with their addiction but will also provide them with the tools needed for long-term recovery and growth both mentally and spiritually. Ranch Creek Recovery delivers top notch services when it comes to alcohol and drug treatment in a secluded environment where patient confidentiality is one of the most important values outside of treatment.

Unlike other drug and alcohol treatment centers, Ranch Creek Recovery provides a lavish environment that will make your teenager fee right at home, which is important when it comes to recovery. Since this facility only houses six patients at a time, each patient teenager will be given the help and care that he or she needs to make a full recovery from their addiction. Addiction is best treated early on, so if you think your child might be using, it is important to speak to someone from a drug and alcohol rehab center as soon as possible.