When it comes to thinking about traditional ways many rehab centers treat drug addiction, we often think of the 12-step program. Millions of people who were once addicted to drugs or alcohol and have received treatment might have gone through the 12-step process.

However, for all of the success stories associated with the 12-step program, countless others were not successful in their recovery because of it. Because of this, there has been an increase in holistic rehabs throughout the country. A holistic rehab offers patients the opportunity to receive conventional forms of treatment such as group, and family therapy sessions. However, they also have the option to receive more holistic treatment options such as yoga, amino acid therapy, gong sound therapy, and garden therapy.

Holistic drug rehab centers not only want to help patients with their addiction, but they also want to help patients heal in terms of their body, mind, and spirit. By focusing on multiple levels of healing, holistic rehabs such as Ranch Creek Recovery supply additional support systems to help patients achieve their goal of sobriety.

As previously, stated, holistic drug rehabs help patients’ bodies heal through different therapy treatment options. For example, amino acid therapy offers a healthier alternative to traditional detox options. Many detox plans recommend using substitute drugs such as suboxone or methadone. However, amino acid therapy is a healthier form of treatment during the detox stage of treatment. Amino acid therapy works to address the chemical imbalance caused by drug and alcohol abuse. This form of therapy works by supplying the body with serotonin instead of potentially harmful drugs.

Exercise can also play a key role when it comes to battling addiction, but also contribute to the overall health of a patient. Holistic drug rehab centers that include physical exercise in their treatment programs help patients in their recovery phase by creating a form of structure, helping create a positive attitude, while also having them interact with other people to form a strong support network.

Therapy programs at holistic drug rehab centers also assist those suffering from addiction to work on relationship skills in ways that many people would feel are unconventional. Garden and equine therapy help patients, especially those that are parents, work on relationships where they have to provide care for others.

If you feel that someone that you know could benefit from alternative forms of treatment you should encourage them to speak to a medical professional in regards to learning more about holistic rehabilitation treatment centers. For those who have already attempted conventional rehab services and were unsuccessful, holistic addiction treatment centers might serve as a better course of action for the next attempt.

Ranch Creek Recovery offers relapse prevention services after treatment so that patients are never alone. Every day is a battle when it comes to sobriety, so services should not end only because a patient is no longer residing in the center. Staff at these treatment facilities want to see you succeed in terms of living a drug-free life, and will be available to help even after the inpatient portion of treatment is completed.

Even if you or someone you know was not successful after a previous round of treatment, that should not discourage trying again. Speak to a medical professional to get more information about alternative forms of addiction treatment.

Just like other diseases, early detection is key to treating addiction. So time should not be wasted when it comes to getting help. The faster a call is made, the faster you can start the path to a more satisfying life that is free from addiction.