Currently, there are millions of people suffering from drug or alcohol addiction. When we look at the numbers, it stands around 23.5 million American’s are suffering from some type of addiction to either drugs or alcohol. Of these 23.5 million Americans suffering from addiction its concerning that only 11 percent of those Americans seek treatment for their addiction; which would mean that there are almost 21 million people suffering from addiction that are not currently getting the professional help that they need.

Many people might not understand why those suffering from addiction would refuse to seek help. The first hurdle that those suffering must make is getting past the emotion of denial. Denial can play a huge part in someone who is suffering from addiction to go out and seek help. Many people who are abusing alcohol or drugs may not be ready to come to terms that they have a problem.

This can be especially true for people who have not yet faced any hardships as a result of their alcohol or drug usage. Many people, who are suffering from substance abuse, will be less likely to inquire about seeking help if they have not damaged their work, schoolwork, or relationships between family and friends. This is why many people refer to the term “rock bottom” when it comes to people suffering from addiction coming face to face with their problem.

Outside of denial, many people who suffer from addiction are less inclined to seek help because of fear. Many people are afraid of the unknown and are not aware of what they will undergo once they begin getting treatment for their addiction.

Recovery from addiction is not something that happens at the snap of a finger, and many people are afraid of the commitment that it takes to start over and live a life without drugs or alcohol. Seeking treatment might also cause people fear, with the belief that they are going to have to face the troubles that led them to their addictions in the first place.

Besides fear and denial, shame also plays a huge role when it comes to why people are hesitant to seek treatment for drug and alcohol addictions. Many people suffering from alcohol or drug dependence feel ashamed of their situation, but also might feel shame because of the actions that were committed because of their addiction. Many people might not want family, friends, or coworkers to find out about the addiction that they tried to hide from them.

However, for those who are willing to seek help, there are resources available. Numerous drug rehabs offer unique services to help patients overcome their addiction and go on to live healthy lives. Many drug rehab centers are starting to explore newer holistic forms of treatment such as guided meditation and yoga therapy.

Drug rehabs that offer these types of treatment options help patients overcome their addiction by not only addressing the addiction, but also a patients mind, body, and spirit.

The focus of professional staff at drug addiction treatment centers is to ensure that patients’ needs are met on an individual basis. Many rehab treatment centers offer patients a luxurious style housing that not only resembles a vacation getaway but are also structured to ensure patient confidentiality. If you or someone that you know could benefit from services to help them combat substance abuse, you should speak to a medical professional immediately. A simple phone call can be what it takes to save you, or someone you care about from a life of substance dependence.