When it comes to rehab for drug or alcohol abuse, a few things come to mind such as the Twelve Step program, and giving yourself over to a “higher power.” Because of these principles, among other reasons, many people who suffer from drug or alcohol addiction tend to shy away from seeking the professional help that they need. Countless individuals who suffer from addiction might state that the traditional rehab plans were not effective in either helping them or an acquaintance.

As technology and treatment methods advance, the same had to happen in terms of alcohol and drug treatment. Knowing that many people tend to relapse after traditional treatment programs, medical experts started to create alternative forms of treatment to help those that are suffering from addiction. Over the years, more holistic rehabs have been trying to better meet the needs of those suffering from substance abuse who are looking to change their lives for the better.

By working to improve a patient’s mind, spirit, and body, medical professionals at holistic rehabs are utilizing newer techniques to help substance abusers overcome their addiction by straying away from the standard techniques that many drug and alcohol centers still use as the foundation for their treatment plans.  Holistic drug rehabs such as Ranch Creek implement treatment services such as equine therapy as models to help patients with emotional support and help them see how their behaviors can affect the emotions of others. Equine therapy has been proven to help patients improve in regards to their: emotional awareness, empathy, social responsibility, and interpersonal relationships.

The staff at Ranch Creek’s holistic rehabs use this form of treatment to help patients learn from their past actions, and how they were detrimental to the relationships they had with family and friends while they were abusing drugs or alcohol.

Holistic drug rehabs also use yoga therapy to help patients focus on improving their mental health, better emotional coping skills, and improve some of their physical functions. Yoga therapy helps those suffering from substance abuse learn to control their thoughts and energy. This form of treatment has also been successful in helping those that suffer from some mental health disorders such as depression and schizophrenia.

Yoga is beneficial for those with cardiac and respiratory conditions as well. Yoga has shown to lower blood pressure, improve the circulation of blood, and lower the pulse rate of those who practiced it.

Holistic drug rehab centers offer a different course of action from the standard 12 Steps when it comes to treating substance abuse. Like equine therapy, garden therapy is another form of treatment that derives from nature and is used to help patients cope with their addiction by focusing their attention toward achieving a goal, helping them to create a nurturing form of connection with another living being, and also helps reduce stress.

Holistic addiction treatment centers believe in focusing on the patient as a whole. This is shown not only in the types of rehabilitative services offered but also in the setting of the facilities themselves. Holistic drug rehabs are structured to resemble vacation style homes, surrounded by beautiful scenery.

These treatment methodologies along with the comforts of luxurious accommodations help patients focus solely on their recovery while making sure all of their needs are met by medical professionals. As diseases evolve, so must the way that they are treated. Holistic drug rehab centers are providing patients with an alternative style in term of treatment for drug and alcohol abuse. For patients who have gone through traditional rehab or those who have never received treatment but want help, contact a medical professional to learn more about alternative forms of treatment.