Guided Meditation

Ranch Creek Recovery, Southern California’s leading holistic drug and alcohol rehab center, helps people struggling with drug addiction by offering holistic experiential therapies that enable them to overcome their dependencies. By giving them a new perspective about themselves and the world, and teaching them how to improve emotional strength and self-discipline, holistic therapies such as guided meditation create a serene sense of inner peace.

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How Meditation Helps

Meditation has been used for centuries by people all over the world to help people gain mental clarity and realign their spiritual center. This provides both physical and mental benefits. Aside from the physical benefit derived from an improved cardiovascular system and control over musculature and breathing, practitioners of meditation learn to “empty their mind,” entering a calm, serene state of openness from which self-esteem, self-control, and self-acceptance can grow.


Guided Meditation and Its Benefits

In guided meditation, a counselor aids a patient in exercising control over his thoughts and emotions by instructing him to concentrate on his breathing. By focusing on one’s steady, rhythmic breathing, the mind is reined in and made calm. The soothing sounds of breathing and the instructive voice of a counselor providing guidance combine to help the patient feel comfortable and relaxed in a non-threatening atmosphere. This leads to the following:


A heightened sense of self-awareness

People suffering from addiction often use drugs as an escape; from pain, from depression, from troubles in life. They also have a tendency to refuse to admit there is a problem. These are addressed in guided meditation where one is made conscious about both the physical and psychological aspects of his person and his relation to the world around him.


Reduction of negative emotions

When a negative emotion takes over a person, he often starts seeing things through a distorted lens. This can be a self-reinforcing problem; the person’s thinking can get trapped in a cycle of negativity. Through guided meditation, the mind can be cleared and a positive outlook on life restored. Individuals who come for addiction treatment and struggle with restlessness and sleeplessness are often able to sleep peacefully with the help of meditation as well.


Confidence in handling difficulties

Guided meditation is a tool that can be used by all clients, both inpatients and outpatients, for years following intensive treatment. Instead of turning to drugs a means of escape, recovering addicts can meditate and find peace that way.


Physical improvements

Especially when combined with an exercise program such as jogging or yoga, the self-discipline and focus of meditation allow the patient to channel his energies into improving his physical condition. This, in turn, boosts metabolism and weight loss, strength and endurance, and self-confidence.


Guided meditation is an effective means of overcoming addiction and preventing relapse. It is one of the best drug treatment modalities for improving behaviors and attitudes. Call Ranch Creek Recovery and find out how holistic rehabilitation therapies can help restore someone to wholeness.

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