Percocet Addiction Treatment

Percocet is a prescribed drug that contains a combination of oxycodone, an opioid used to alleviate pain, and acetaminophen, a less powerful pain medication than oxycodone but further strengthens the effects of oxycodone. Percocet has a couple of street names such as percs, perks, and hillbilly heroin.

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Doctors prescribe Percocet for people who are experiencing moderate to severe pain that is generally short-term in nature such as pain from post-surgery or injury. Considering its pain-relieving effects, Percocet impacts the brain, particularly on how it perceives pain. This drug changes the brain’s pain perception while at the same time stimulating a dopamine response from the brain. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that is responsible for providing feelings of pleasure and motivation, which is why when Percocet is taken in large doses, the user feels a certain “high” or euphoria.

People abuse the use of Percocet to continuously experience this intense feeling of elation. Majority of Percocet abusers are under the impression that since it is not classified as an illegal drug and even prescribed by doctors, then it must be a safer way to get “high”. Unfortunately, they don’t realize that Percocet is highly addictive and could one day lead them to seek drug addiction treatment.


Warning Signs of Percocet Abuse

Knowing the signs and symptoms of Percocet addiction is important so that the user can be guided to immediately seek professional help.

Physical signs of Percocet abuse include sleepiness, headaches, confusion, slow breathing, sweating, constipation, vomiting, dry mouth, and constricted pupils. These signs may be obvious to the user but unless one is very close to the user, it is easy to miss all these warnings.

Fortunately, there are behavioral signals that can indicate if a Percocet user is already abusing the drug. Some of these signs include:

  • The user is taking the drug more frequently and in excess dosage than what the doctor prescribed.
  • The user is finding other means to take the drug other than simply swallowing the tablet such as chewing, snorting, crushing, or injecting.
  • The user is seeking a prescription from different doctors in order to acquire a number of pain prescriptions at the same time.


It is critical that all the warning signs listed above are readily recognized before the Percocet dependency becomes out of control.


Percocet Addiction Treatment

While most drug addiction treatment centers adopt the 12-step-approach in addiction treatment, we, at Ranch Creek Recovery, know that there is no single scientific study that conclusively states the effectiveness of 12-step-method. Our drug and alcohol rehab treatment program is evidence-based and uses a non-12-step approach.

Instead of adhering to an inflexible and permanent “12 steps” to help all patients across the board, we commit to creating a treatment plan that is tailor-fitted to the recovery needs of every patient. We acknowledge the fact that there is no single treatment plan or step that can help all addicts, regardless of background and condition, recover from addiction. The treatment requirements of every single patient are unique.

Our counselors and addiction specialists are trained to providing behavioral and psychological therapies that have long been proven to aid recovering addicts in living a life of long-term sobriety. These therapies include cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT), as well as individual and group counseling sessions.


Our Treatment Approach

Ranch Creek Recovery employs a holistic addiction treatment approach to ensure that the entire person of every client is given enough attention – physical, mental, psychological, and emotional. Our holistic and experiential therapies such as acupuncture, equine addiction treatment, garden therapy, and many others complement traditional drug and alcohol rehab techniques, thereby making our recovery program more integrative. More and more studies are revealing positive effects of the various holistic addiction treatment center approaches and we are proud that our facility has been at the forefront of this movement.

Get in touch with our facility today if you or any of your loved ones are suffering from addiction, be it with Percocet or other substances, so we can provide you with more information and carry out an initial assessment. Remember that you don’t have to bear the burden of addiction problem alone, our addiction specialists here at Ranch Creek Recovery are always prepared to assist you in your recovery journey.

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