Heroin Addiction Treatment

Heroin impacts a large number of people. According to a National Institute for Drug Abuse study for 2008, 14.1% of admissions to publicly funded substance abuse treatment programs are people seeking heroin treatment, second only to marijuana and fourth overall if alcohol substance abuse disorders are taken into account. Heroin is a narcotic derived from the opium poppy, as are medical opiates such as morphine and Vicodin. However, heroin itself has no legal medical use in the United States.

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The most common gateway drugs to heroin use are the legally prescribed drugs hydrocodone and oxycodone. According to a report from the Sentinel Tribute, 99% of the worldwide supply of hydrocodone and 78% of the global oxycodone supply is consumed in the United States alone.

In fact, the expansion of opioid use and its progression to heroin use have made heroin addiction a commonly treated affliction at Ranch Creek’s drug addiction treatment center. Because of the vast availability of prescription opiates and addictiveness of all opiates, especially heroin, addiction to heroin is a trap far too many have fallen into.


What Are the Effects of Heroin Use?

  • Strong feelings of euphoria, most commonly termed as a “rush”,
  • Lessened or even total loss of pain,
  • A strong desire to sleep,
  • Sedation and lethargy.

As with most drugs, the more heroin that is used, the more tolerant the body will be of it – leading to higher dosages to achieve the same “rush.” These increasing amounts of heroin ingested can lead to overdose, which in some cases proves immensely fatal.

Those unintended side effects, while unwanted, are not the most concerning results of heroin abuse. Long-term effects that impact the most are:

  • Damaged teeth and gum swelling,
  • Weakness,
  • Poor appetite and malnutrition,
  • Diminished immune system,
  • Sleeping problems.

Health problems are not the only effects of heroin addiction; financial problems, relationship troubles and of course mental and emotional issues can arise.


How Can We Help?

Drug and alcohol rehab is a journey. It is a process that you or someone you know should not be walking alone. Ranch Creek Recovery, Southern California’s leading holistic addiction treatment center, aims to provide help, particularly for heroin addiction treatment, in a more well-rounded way. Ranch Recovery Creek provides a personalized treatment plan for each patient which encompasses the patient’s unique needs.

The Ranch Creek non-12 step program recognizes that NA and similar programs don’t always work for everyone. While our patients are free to employ 12-step techniques, our individualized programs will incorporate the traditional and alternative therapies we offer into a plan that’s designed for only one person – the patient.

Ranch Creek Recovery provides high-quality holistic care in a private, intimate setting located in the hills of Murrieta, California. This beautiful and serene hillside location promotes relaxation and introspection so conducive to recovery from addiction. Our highly trained staff will tailor a treatment plan to each client, with a mix of therapy and activities that will enhance recovery and healing. For more information about the program, please call us today at (877) 997-8931.

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