Drug Addiction Treatment

The Ranch Creek Recovery drug rehab, using holistic drug addiction treatment methods, has been proven time and time again to heal not only the addictions our patients bear but the whole person as well. Allowing patients to improve their mindsets, physical health, and wellbeing, a holistic approach to drug treatment makes the whole process more rewarding than the conventional methods employed by most treatment facilities.

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Drug Addiction and Co-occurring Disorders

Addictive substances come in a variety of forms including various illegal narcotics and prescribed medications such as heroin, cocaine, Oxycontin, Fentanyl, benzos alcohol, and over-the-counter pharmaceuticals. Drug addiction, especially in the past 10 years with the rise of prescription opiates, is a growing problem in America and worldwide.

U.S. alone has more than 23 million people over the age of 12 suffering from some form of drug addiction every year. In many cases, people who are addicted also suffer from a co-occurring mental health disorder. A frequently observed phenomenon in this situation is that a person begins to use drugs and alcohol as a way to cope or self-medicate with a disorder such as depression, anxiety or PTSD.

Conversely, in people suffering from chronic addiction, the possibilities of developing a mental illness increase. Drug rehabilitation programs that address both the addiction and the underlying problem is the only way to provide long-lasting, continued sobriety.


Ranch Creek’s Perspective Is Different

Most drug and alcohol rehab facilities have very traditional programs which can be effective but often do not treat the unique characteristics of the individual being treated. In many cases, the standard AA or NA 12-step program is used. At Ranch Creek, each treatment program is specially designed to meet our patients’ desires and needs. We’re proud to have helped many people for whom the 12-steps didn’t work find a unique path to recovery using our attentive and specialized care.

Our programs are personalized from day one. Following the initial phone conversations, during which our treatment specialists will determine your addiction, mental health, and availability situations to help decide whether inpatient or outpatient treatment is best. We accept most major insurances and will help you find a solution to get treatment no matter if your insurance is accepted or not.


Your Recovery, Your Plan

If you require detox, that will be our first concern. Safely navigating a severe withdrawal can be difficult, so your medical safety will be closely monitored as you detoxify. In severe cases, we may coordinate detox with top medical experts in the region.

Ranch Creek Recovery respects that every person is an individual; cookie-cutter treatment plans work in masses but we’re intentionally small and focused- no more than 6 inpatients at a time are in our house. You’ll work with our expert staff to devise your 30- 60- or 90-day plan based on what you need and what you want, rather than “what we always do.”


A Different Viewpoint

Our staff is extensively trained and experienced in traditional detox and talk-therapy addiction treatment programs, and talk and group therapy are normally a part of each patient’s treatment schedule. However, Ranch Creek sets itself apart by integrating holistic and alternative treatment methods with the same level of training and experience into our patients’ programs.

Designed to improve mindfulness, serenity, self-improvement and to foster emotional growth, our holistic and experiential drug and alcohol rehab programs are mixed in with one-on-one and group sessions. Holistic programs include:

  • Equine therapy
  • Amino Acid therapy
  • Garden therapy
  • Yoga and guided meditation
  • Gong sound therapy


Steps to Recovery and Living a Drug-free Life

Addicts often find it difficult to admit there is a problem, let alone reaching out themselves to enter drug rehab. Sincerely talking with a loved one and realizing the problem is the initial step towards a life of sobriety.

The most important step is choosing the right facility. Every rehab enforces certain protocols for addiction recovery, such as restrictions on cell phone and internet use and a strict schedule to be kept while in-house. Ranch Creek’s individualized treatment programs blend the discipline of a tradition rehab with personal growth and freedom to improve your mindset.

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