The United States has seen its fair share of public health epidemics especially when it comes to alcohol and drug abuse. It was not that long ago, when one of the most popular phrases spread across the country was, “Just Say No”, in reference to President Ronald Regan’s wife’s campaign against a drug epidemic that focused on crack cocaine. Fast forward to present day America and we are currently in the midst of another drug epidemic this time it is in the form of prescription opioids.  

Prescription opioids such as OxyContin and Percocet have become the breeding ground of a new public health catastrophe that is currently affecting millions of Americans. These drugs are extremely dangerous not only by themselves but can become even more deadly to users who mix them with other substances such as alcohol. Opioid use has grown because of numerous factors such as

  • the ease to obtain them by prescription by doctors
  • over-prescription for minor pain
  • and a lack of clear information about the potentially addictive nature that these drugs pose.  

The real horror that comes with these prescription opioids is the potential that those abusing them can move to more dangerous substances, such as heroin because the effects There are many reasons that people might take the switch from opioids to heroin. For starters, heroin offers the same effect as powerful opioids, but at a fraction of the cost. When someone is prescribed opioids, chances are they have some type of insurance that covers a portion of the cost of the drugs.

It’s Easier to Get Than Ever.

However, once a doctor no longer prescribes these drugs, the cost of obtaining them on the street can be quite expensive. Many people, who purchase these drugs on the black market, end up paying up to $100 per pill depending on the brand and strength. Compared to roughly $10 per bag of heroin depending on a buyer’s location, it can be easily seen why many people make the switch.

Because of the attention that opioids have gotten over the past few years, painkillers have been harder for those abusing them to obtain. Many local and state legislatures have begun to crack down on doctors who are over prescribing these types of medication after receiving pressure from constituents. Before this crackdown started, there where places that were labeled as, “pill mills” which were designed as pain movement facilities, where people who were using opioids to get high could obtain them.

A Center Is Your Best Chance

Heroin addiction treatment centers have the tools available to help those suffering from heroin as well as opioid addiction. Heroin rehab centers such as Ranch Creek Recovery, offer holistic treatment options such as amino acid therapy and acupuncture which are beneficial during the detox phase. Heroin rehab centers have the tools and staff available to monitor patients as they safely detox from opioids, heroin, and other drugs and alcohol.

If you or someone you know is suffering from heroin or opioid addiction, you should speak to a medical professional to learn more about heroin addiction treatment programs to find out which ones would be suited to fit the individual needs of the patient. When it comes to treatment for heroin addiction, there is no one size fits all treatment plan. When searching for a heroin rehab center it is important to consider what type of relapse treatment services they have to offer. Just because someone completes a treatment at a heroin rehab, does not mean that they are fully free from addiction. Heroin rehabs that offer relapse preventative services offer additional tools to help addicts cope with their addiction after their completion of their program to help ease cravings, and cope with triggers that might push them to turn back to drugs.

Sobriety does not end with treatment. Every day is a challenge, but with help and support, it is not a challenge that has to be faced alone.