Addiction is a complicated disease, and there is no one size fits all method when it comes to treating it. It’s not like someone who is suffering from a headache and taking Tylenol. When it comes to treating addiction, there are numerous aspects to consider.

What was the reason that a person chooses to turn to drugs or alcohol?

How long has a substance abuse been taking place?

Is there a co-occurring mental disorder that is coinciding with substance abuse?

These are just a few questions to examine when it comes to choosing the best plan for treating addiction.

When it comes to treating addiction its best to establish what the individual needs of a patient are. For example, a person who is suffering from not only substance abuse but also a mental health disorder must make sure that they are receiving adequate treatment for both conditions. Usually, medical professionals are able to do proper assessments of patients prior to starting treatment to determine what methods provided are best suited to meet the needs of the patient.

Just like other diseases, however, treatment has transformed thanks to technology, as well as learning more about the disease. Today, not all drug and alcohol treatment facilities, no longer offer just the standard methodologies for treating substance abuse.

Nowadays there are more holistic recovery centers that are offering people who are suffering from substance abuse an alternative path to recovery. Holistic recovery centers such as Ranch Creek Recovery have begun to take a more natural approach to treating addiction compare to their counterparts. Ranch Creek Recovery, along with other holistic rehab centers, are starting to break away from the traditional means of treating addiction and replacing them with a more natural approach.

Instead of following a traditional 12-step program that many rehabs still abide by, holistic rehabs implement other programs and services such as garden therapy, yoga, and acupuncture.  For those who might be wondering how these forms of treatment are beneficial to those suffering from addiction, let’s take a moment to explain some of these treatment methods.

  • Garden therapy helps patients achieve a sense of peace and tranquility by placing them in a calming environment. Scientific studies have shown that gardening can also improve an individuals’ health, as well as their overall well-being. Garden therapy is not just practiced solely by holistic drug rehabs, but also in prisons, schools, and within communities.
  • Many people might not be fully aware of the benefits that yoga provides, especially when it comes to addiction. Yoga has been shown to improve blood pressure, pulse rate, and circulation for those who regularly practice it. One of the key benefits of yoga which is pain tolerance can be especially useful for those who might have become addicted to painkillers, or who have moved on to heroin as a result of an addiction to painkillers such as Percocet or OxyContin. This is especially useful in a time where America is currently suffering from an opioid epidemic.

For those who are suffering from addiction and wish to seek alternative forms of treatment, they should speak to a medical professional to see if an alternative form of treatment is right for you.

For those who have already completed a traditional form of treatment but still are suffering from addiction, an alternative method might be right for you. These treatments will not only help with addition but also the overall health of a patient. Recovery can be achieved with the help of medical professionals as well as an alternative treatment plan that treats more than just substance abuse.