When Should You Go to Rehab?

The fact that addiction disorder affects mental health and decision-making makes it hard for people to realize or admit they have a problem. This becomes problematic when you factor in the degenerative effect prolonged drug or alcohol use has on the body, not to mention mental health. As with any chronic disease, addiction should be treated as soon as possible to convey the greatest chance at a full recovery.

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To combat substance addiction, seeking help from a drug and alcohol rehab is the wisest decision anyone can make. In countless studies, it’s been proven that the cold turkey, or unassisted cessation, method is ineffective in producing long-term sobriety. professionally supervised drug and alcohol treatment is also the safest way to deal with physical and mental symptoms experienced during the withdrawal stage.


The Tell-tale Signs of Addiction

Uncontrollable drug-seeking behavior is, of course, the clearest indication that addiction has developed. Tolerance to the drug, compulsive drug cravings, and experiencing withdrawal symptoms when ceasing are clear signs as well. There are also various behavioral patterns, which may differ according to the drug of choice, which can point out that a person needs drug addiction treatment. diction? These tell-tale signs tell a person he needs to seek rehab for addiction:

Relationship Problems

Addiction affects not only the addict but everyone around him. Arguments over drug use, money, and decision-making strain family relationships. In the worst cases, children might be neglected or even hurt. Family and friend relationships are central to everyone’s life; if these relationships are being strained, drug and alcohol rehab is a good choice.

Loss of Interest

Especially in combination with a mental health disorder such as depression, a sudden loss of interest in previously enjoyed activities is a very clear sign some one’s addiction is getting out of control. Skipping a weekly pickup game or movie night to get high instead indicates that using is beginning to take precedence.

Hiding and Doctor-Shopping

A common behavior among high-functioning addicts, doctor-shopping is the practice of getting prescriptions from multiple doctors so as not to raise suspicion. Alcoholics often perform a similar scheme by visiting several different liquor stores so as not to appear out of control. These kinds of behavior, and attempting to hide the extent of substance abuse, are also clear indicators that you need professional drug rehab treatment.

Health Issues

While these vary by the drug of choice, increased tiredness, bloodshot eyes, lung and throat problems, hangovers, long-term sleeplessness, and extreme weight loss or gain are common indicators that a person is using.

Holistic Treatments Do Not Just Focus on Addiction

A comprehensive addiction treatment encompasses more than just the addiction itself. Holistic approaches to treating drug and alcohol dependence are the best way to combat addiction as it mollifies the effects of the drug and alcohol while at the same time providing alternative elements.

Holistic drug treatment programs target self-empowerment allowing a person to discover his inner strengths to combat the addiction. Using therapies and alternative elements create a positive effect on a person’s body, mind, and soul to sustain his motivation for sobriety.

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