Individualized Care in Addiction Rehab

Each person is unique and this recognition of everybody’s distinct physical condition, psychological makeup, and emotional state helps us effectively tailor our treatment of various kinds of addictions. It is undeniable that there is common ground for everyone dealing with a specific addiction, but the fact remains that each case of addiction and behavioral health disorder is influenced by a host of different factors, most of which are inherently personal in nature. When an individual’s drug or alcohol use is the only thing focused on with no consideration of his other needs, the treatment only works for a limited time because the underlying contributing causes to the addiction were never brought to light and addressed. This means that a “one-size fits all” recovery program is not sufficient to properly and comprehensively tackle all problem areas and prevent any future relapse.

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With the individual, personalized therapy at Ranch Creek, each facet of a person’s physical and emotional state is examined. Strengths and weaknesses are determined and analyzed, and behavior and thought patterns are shaped and molded accordingly towards desired positive outcomes that help him live an addiction-free life outside the confines of the facility.

This non-12 step addiction recovery approach enables clients to see and understand their current condition, identify what needs to be changed and empowers them to take the necessary measures in changing their lives. By using holistic addiction treatment and experiential therapies, patients are able to discover and gain a better understanding of their inner struggles and alter harmful habitual behaviors that eventually led them to alcohol or drug dependency. The gap between the mental and the physical is bridged through massage, yoga, acupuncture, guided meditation and other therapies. The opportunity to interact with nature helps to further lower stress levels and help patients develop skills that allow them to positively relate and communicate to others more effectively.

Thus the person’s total well-being is taken into consideration with individualized care in addiction rehabilitation. Compared to other programs that require rigid adhering to protocols, the holistic treatment for addiction offers much broader, more personal, and therefore more long-lasting solutions.


The Process

What works for one person may not work for another when it comes to addiction rehab. Since people have varying genetic predispositions to addictive substances, and because there are a lot of other physical, mental and emotional needs that need to be taken into account for addiction therapy to work, Ranch Creek Recovery helps patients have personal, individualized care during their stay. By working with professional counselors the moment they arrive, every detail about a patient’s personality, family background, medical history, traumatic experiences, and other personal issues and circumstances are discussed and carefully factored into a treatment plan.

For the length of a patient’s 30, 60 or 90-day residential stay, this plan is updated by the patient’s respective counselor on a daily basis during the daily individual sessions. Attendance and participation in the designated holistic therapies are monitored.


The Scope

Family Education
Since all aspects of a client’s life are considered, the family’s involvement is also an important part of the success of the recovery program. Family education sessions are typically conducted on a weekly basis to aid in the education of each family member and the role they play in the patient’s recovery after discharge. Communication and relational skills will be developed in this session to help prevent the patient from suffering a relapse. Phone or video calls are also offered in case family members are unavailable to make a personal appearance at the facility.
Intensive Outpatient Program

Individualized care does not only apply to resident patients but to outpatients as well. The facility can only accommodate a maximum of 6 inpatients at a time. This is by design to ensure that resident patients who need focused, personal care receive it. This by no means negates the individualized care given to those who participate in the Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP). Those who cannot commit to a residential stay due to studies, work or other reasons receive the same care and go through the same therapies as their schedule allows. This is also a great option for those who have finished their inpatient stay and wish continued support to counter any possibility of relapse.

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