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It’s a common misconception that drug addiction only impacts individuals who have no ambition or passion in life. People who are holding high-level positions and successful professionals in various fields, on the other hand, can never suffer from addiction problems because they are “too smart” for that. While it is easy to make these assumptions, results of studies and records reveal that both postulations are false considering that addiction does not discriminate. Addiction affects anyone regardless of age, gender, race, economic status, and other personal factors.

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Since substance abuse disorder can happen to anyone, professionals who are experts and highly successful in their respective fields such as doctors, lawyers, nurses, business executives, managers, politicians, and other specialists who are doing well in their careers can also suffer from an addiction problem and consequently require treatment.

The number of professionals with a substance abuse problem is higher than most people would expect. In the case of lawyers, the American Bar Association (ABA) estimated that there are about 18 – 20% of lawyers who are dependent on drugs and alcohol, which is much higher compared with the rest of the population. In a study conducted in 1990 and published in the Journal of Law and Psychiatry, it was revealed that lawyers abuse cocaine twice as much as the general population. In the medical and health field, studies suggest that approximately 10% of medical professionals have an addiction problem.


Treatment Challenges

Ranch Creek Recovery acknowledges that treating professionals pose different treatment challenges that are not present with other addiction cases, mainly because they are generally categorized as high-functioning addicts or those with addiction problem but display limited functional impairment. Addressing the substance abuse disorder of doctors, lawyers, pharmacists, nurses, businessmen, and other professionals can be difficult considering the following:


Professionals hold steady jobs

Majority of professionals or high-functioning addicts hold steady jobs and able to carry out their responsibilities without much problem (or at least it seems there are no problems). This in itself is a treatment challenge because they would rarely acknowledge their addiction because they will rationalize that addicts cannot hold steady jobs.


Professionals are prone to denial and making excuses

Considering that most high-functioning addicts appear to be “normal” on the outside, they are inclined to justify their excessive drinking or drug use or to deny that they are hooked on them at all. They can rationalize that they are merely taking drugs to improve their performance, to keep them awake, or to help them socialize better.


Professionals may have friends and family members who are enablers

Family members and close friends of high-functioning addicts can serve as stumbling blocks in treatment as well, whether intentionally or unintentionally, especially if they enable the professional to continue using.

The challenges mentioned above greatly hinder high-functioning addicts to seek professional help. If you or any of your loved ones, however, are showing behavioral changes (no matter how subtle) resulting to excessive drug or alcohol use, it is best to consider consulting our experienced addiction specialists.


Treatment Approach

Ranch Creek Recovery is confident that we can help you in your treatment journey against addiction by providing the following:


Highly-Individualized Treatment Plan

Our treatment plan is patient-specific and created based on the results of scientific assessments. We recognize the fact that every addiction problem is unique, which means that recovery is only possible if the treatment plan addresses the unique recovery requirements of each patient.


Holistic Approach

Our program combines conventional addiction treatment with holistic approaches considering that this integrative method had been proven to be highly-effective in treating substance abuse disorder. Our holistic and experiential therapies include yoga, garden therapy, and equine therapy, among many others.


High Level of Care, Comfort, and Convenience

Our facility is located in a peaceful and beautiful environment with gorgeous scenery. We only house very few clients to ensure maximum security, comfort, and convenience. In our facility, clients have the opportunity to socialize and interact when there is a need to, while at the same time providing enough space for each one to spend time alone.


Call our Admissions Specialists today for more information and free confidential assessment. Remember that Ranch Creek Recovery is committed to assisting you to live your best life possible.

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