Ranch Creek Holistic Recovery Admission Process

There are many factors involved in why you or your loved one is facing the struggles involved with addiction to drugs or alcohol. The causes can be genetic factors, past and present trauma, chemical imbalance, mental health disorders, their environment, and usually, a combination of all these things.
When you walk through our doors, we consider all these factors. This is a judgment-free zone where your privacy is considered sacred and your confidentiality is protected. Ranch Creek Recovery is fully compliant with all state and federal regulations and holds the prestigious JHACO commission accreditation. First and foremost, your stay at Ranch Creek will be conducted with compassion and discretion.

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How to Get Admitted to Our Facility

You can either drop us a message on our website, email or call us at (877) 997-8931 so our friendly staff can answer all your questions. We understand that this is a big step for you and your family. You may have a lot of doubts in your mind right now.

You may be asking yourself the following questions:

  • What about my job if I enroll in a residential treatment? Do I need to take a leave of absence?
  • What will my friends and relatives say if they find out I entered drug or alcohol rehab?
  • Will my insurance cover the treatment costs? Can I afford the therapy?
  • How long will I have to stay in the facility?

We can answer all these and more.


Orientation and Briefing

When you phone us, our admissions specialists will discuss the situation with you. We’ll help assess your addiction and dual diagnosis needs, review finance and insurance options, help you book travel to the facility and answer your questions about our programs and services from detox to experiential therapy.

After running an insurance verification, we can begin the process of getting you help. You can also tour our facility—and we are very proud of it, by the way—at the beginning of your visit so when you come in for your treatment there would be no surprises.


Residential Treatment Programs

We offer 30-day, 60-day and 90-day drug and alcohol rehab residential treatment programs. The length of stay will depend on the complexity of your problem. Dual diagnosis may require a longer period of therapy. There’s no way of knowing the option for your particular case until our doctors can make the initial evaluation.

We also have outpatient drug or alcohol rehab. However, for now, acceptance is limited to patients who are residing in San Diego, Los Angeles, Orange County, Riverside, Temecula, and Murrieta. Anywhere within the 50-mile radius of our central location can be enrolled in our outpatient treatment.


Financing Options

We accept insurance, both PPO and HMO, allied with the Mental Health Network.
Unfortunately, Medicare is not accepted here. Nevertheless, we have also loan options that are available for future patients. The interest rates are very affordable and the payment rates are flexible. You can fill out the form which can be downloaded from our website, or ask a hard copy from our staff.

Once the arrangements have been made, you are given last minute instructions, particularly on what to bring when you enter our facility. There are things you leave at home, of course, and these are what we consider as distractions that will take your mind off of our treatment programs. For instance, you are only allowed to bring the following:

  • Change of clothes
  • Credit card or cash for incidentals
  • Toiletries
  • Swimwear (be conservative with respect to the other guests)
  • IDs
  • Books
  • Music devices (allowed but monitored)

Medications are allowed if there’s a prescription and if they are not yet opened. Internet and cell phones are prohibited. However, after a week of stay in our facility, you will be allowed access to the designated computer room although the sites you visit will be monitored.

What’s the reason for this? Apart from making sure you don’t lose your focus on why you are here, we also want to prevent the external triggers to use.


Certified for Quality Seal

Ranch Creek Recovery is certified by The Joint Commission which, those in the healthcare industry know, means that our facility and services have passed muster when it comes to the highest quality standards.
The commission doesn’t give out the quality seal lightly. During the certification process, representatives from the body will examine a patient at random and from there make a determination of the quality of service and safety standards. This is not a mandatory process but we submitted ourselves to the survey because we believe that our customers deserve only the best.

Patient safety is our promise, and quality service is our guarantee. So what are you waiting for? Go to http://ranchcreekrecovery.com/admissions/ to get more information. Our customer representatives are eager to hear from you so we can start the next step toward your recovery.

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